We envision a world where green hydrogen is produced locally

One step closer to decarboninsing the world



We simplify the electronics design architecture and enhance electrolysers to increase green hydrogen production

We can produce green H2 7% more efficiently, and 19% cheaper than the current state of the art solutions

The HyWaves solution maximises electrolyser output from fluctuating renewable energy input



HyWaves is a complementary technology for electrolyser manufacturers and is not in competition with electrolyser companies

We are focused on integrating our licenced technology into electrolysers to enhance their output and reduce expensive power electronics

If you are an electrolyser company or green hydrogen stakeholder who is interested in finding out more, please get in touch

About Us

About Us

The HyWaves team has demonstrated the technology in the field at Cranfield University

By 2024, Hywaves will have upgraded Cranfield’s 1MW solar plant and demonstrated our innovative technology at a commercial scale to produce green hydrogen

Contact Us

Cranfield Eagle Lab, Medway House, Cranfield University, MK43 OFQ